• 12 Masterclasses + Q&A (1 per month)

  • 12 Shamanic Embodiment/Trauma Healing Sessions (1 per month)

  • Bonus: 2 Modules of Restoring Femininity, Love & Truth (Healing the Fatherwound & Healing the Motherwound)

  • Forever Access to all Replays/Sessions of the Year

  • Private Telegram Integration Community Group


Liberating Love: The Year of Union

  • Yes, I understand that this purchase is non-refundable and that I am trusting my desire to be involved.

  • Yes, I understand that If I am opting into a payment plan, that I am obligated to pay each month.

  • Yes, I agree to be 100% committed and responsible for myself and my own experience and results.


Liberating Love: The Year of Union - 12 Month Program

Read what my past clients are saying:


Since reuniting with my inner masculine, my life has expanded in every way. The journey we went on, I struggle to verbalise how incredible it was. The energy of that reunion created a warmth in my heart, I could feel it on a cellular level. feeling into the energy of my inner masculine, has brought about this level of support, love and nurturing that I was always craving. Amy held the space so delicate and graceful - for me to open up and feel completely safe. The reunion was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. I have come home to myself. The way this has already played out in my life is incredible, I feel him hold me and support me speak my truth and take action. I constantly have this support and protection within me now. I feel passionate and fierce. It has impacted every aspect of my life in the most profound way. I am now a better lover, mother, sister, business woman, coach. I can now truly and authentically be myself without fear. Without Amy's guidance I would have never been able to integrate this and heal this. I want to thank Amy for creating this space for me, to come home to myself. She made this deep shadow feel so light and easy to dance with.


When I first saw amy’s energy through her website my heart was screaming: yes!!! Although my head was telling stories of fear, I decided to follow the voice of my heart. Before I entered this container my heart was closed & my body carried a lot of tension, especially in my womb & shoulders/neck. My soul was so ready for this - I remember our first session, after 8 minutes (I still know the exact time) we dove into my deep sexual trauma. I freaking loved it! After these 5 month my heart is so soft & open, my womb is free from pain & my body feels so alive! I allow myself to be sexual & living a pain free sex-life. I decided to book 3 more months to go deeper & I am so exited to create my dream & live my pure essence. My partnership with my king shifted on another level. I am experiencing a massive transformation in my connection to myself! My inner king & inner queen are so ready for the next months with this wonderful soul Amy Ebinger!


Amy is incredibly tapped into source and her presence alone feels so grounding and healing. She fully received, without judgement, all that I shared with her about my past pain, unhealthy patterns, and what I was seeking to heal prior to our ceremony day. Going into it I felt nervous and yet so safe and held during the entire process. From the moment the ceremony began I could sense how intentionally curated the experience was- from the music selections, the guided visualizations, and the flow of the whole experience. Amy is such a beautiful guide- she’s like a doula for your emotional healing and rebirth. The emotional release I experienced on the call was so powerful and exploring the different feminine archetypes like the maiden and lover/seductress helped me to connect more deeply with aspects of my feminine identity I had felt disconnected from. Since our time together, I feel more confident in who I am and less victimized by my past. My relationship has strengthened and I feel more comfortable and empowered in my sensuality. While certainly the work is ongoing, amy’s initiation was a powerful catalyst. I have been leaning into deeper presence and prioritizing cultivating pleasure in all aspects of my life, which I truly feel has supported some manifestations coming to life in my field. If you’re feeling drawn to amy and her work- take the jump. It may feel scary but it’s totally worth it!! She is a true embodiment of her message and her work, and such a beautiful soul.