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Restoring Femininity, Love & Truth

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Restoring Femininity, Love & Truth

Read what my past clients are saying:


Since reuniting with my inner masculine, my life has expanded in every way. The journey we went on, I struggle to verbalise how incredible it was. The energy of that reunion created a warmth in my heart, I could feel it on a cellular level. feeling into the energy of my inner masculine, has brought about this level of support, love and nurturing that I was always craving. Amy held the space so delicate and graceful - for me to open up and feel completely safe. The reunion was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. I have come home to myself. The way this has already played out in my life is incredible, I feel him hold me and support me speak my truth and take action. I constantly have this support and protection within me now. I feel passionate and fierce. It has impacted every aspect of my life in the most profound way. I am now a better lover, mother, sister, business woman, coach. I can now truly and authentically be myself without fear. Without Amy's guidance I would have never been able to integrate this and heal this. I want to thank Amy for creating this space for me, to come home to myself. She made this deep shadow feel so light and easy to dance with.

Course curriculum

    1. Module 1: Opening Ceremony / Reconnecting to your inner Child - Restoring the Innocent Feminine Heart, Truth & Desire

    2. Module 2: Healing the Mother Wound & Cultivating your Feminine Core

    3. Module 3: Reclaiming your Feminine Voice, Expression & Pleasure - Uncovering the Shadow Feminine & Owning your Pleasure

    4. Module 4: Healing the Father Wound & Relationship with the Masculine - Restoring Trust, Love & Devotion with the Masculine

    5. Module 5: Co-creating with the Masculine, Receiving his Service, Love & Leadership - Becoming Receptive to your Desires, Love & Pleasure

    6. Module 6: Transforming Triggers in your Relationship; From Codependent Love to Safe & Secure Attachment; Mature Union, Communication and Love with the Masculine

    1. Playlist Restoring Femininity, Love & Truth

    2. Archetypal Dance Music Playlist - Somatic Journey

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