Liberating Love is for you if...

  • you desire to know how to cultivate deeper love, safety, polarity and passion in your relationship

  • long to break the cycle of attracting unavailable, passive men & desire to call in a mature, conscious partnership full of depth, love & intimacy

  • you desire to connect deeply with yourself, your pleasure & sensuality

  • you desire to reconnect with the innocent part of your heart that is buried beneath layers of pain, confusion, contraction

  • you are the strong, independent woman that values her freedom but deeply desires softness and passionate love

  • you have a hard time trusting love and the masculine - you feel like you can only receive what you desire when you control him and take over leadership in your relationship

  • you desire to explore the whole range of your feminine expression & feel full permission to express yourself and claim what you need in love & life

  • you have a history with being detached in relationships, jumping from one man to another

  • you tend to over-give, caretake & sacrifice/loose yourself in relationships and wonder where all the 'conscious, mature men' are that can hold themselves and lead you

  • you don't know how to open wide to life & the masculine - due to resentment and pain from the past

Are you ready to open up to love & start deepening love with life and the masculine?

Then come in my love and join us for this experience! At the end of this class you will learn will also learn about 'The Year of Union', my offering to you and in the name of love in 2023.

Meet your Host

Amy Isabelle Ebinger

Amy is Love & Relationship Coach and Shamanic Guide. She is a woman, teacher and guide of many arts - her work offers a portal into the spheres of shamanic healing, trauma healing, feminine expression, masculine/feminine union teachings, sexuality, relating and embodiment. Over the past 10 years Amy has dedicated her life to her own healing and this work. She has supported hundreds of women through group programs, 1:1 mentorships, shamanic journeys, women's circles and more. She deeply believes and focuses on the magic that already lies within us; a journey of resurrection and remembering - her work opens women up to deeper layers of feminine expression, healing, sexuality and union with the masculine. Her journeys provide a deep, embodied transformational experience - a journey of clearing past and present trauma, integrating soul elements, reclaiming the feminine nature and arts, reconnection to self, source and love.